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Areca Plant

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The Kentia (Howea forsteriana) is a species of the family Arecaceae (Palm), endemic on the Lord Howe Island (East of Australia). It is widely used in interior decoration.

H: 1.5 m D: 50 cm

Care Tips:

Water: Keep the soil moist, drying out only a bit between watering from spring through fall and empty standing water. The fine roots will rot if left standing in water so provide a pot with lots of drainage holes at the bottom. This houseplant needs a winter rest with cooler temperatures and less water from late fall to early spring.

Site: This palm likes bright indirect or curtain filtered sunlight. The more sunlight it receives the more yellow the leaf will become and the more quickly they will grow. In the wild, small plants grow in the shade of many taller plants and can’t tolerate as much light as more mature plants. Direct sun may burn the fronds.

Notes: Pot might vary upon availability.

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