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Baby Girl Orchids

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Delivered in a hot pink jewel vase, this perfectly pink treasure trove of blossoms is a sweet choice for any occasion.

H: 60 cm

Care Tips:

Your orchid should be planted in a pot that has plenty of drainage. There should be drainage holes in the bottom of your pot to ensure any excess water drains completely. Orchids should be planted in fast-draining soil. Using moss-based or bark-based potting mix is suggested. How often you water your orchid will depend on your climate, humidity levels and potting medium. Orchids usually need to be watered every few days. When it comes to watering orchids, the most common mistake is overwatering them. Root rot is a disease that is commonly found in this variety of plant. They need a lot of light, but not direct light.

Notes: Pot color and plant color might vary upon availability.

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